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eBA Document Management Software

Document Management

Documents like spreadsheets, presentations, proposals, contracts, video and scanned images are created faster than we can count them. In most organizations, this content lives all over the place, on desktop computers, consumer file hosting services such as Dropbox and Google docs, network drives, USBs an email. And your enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM and Supply Chain are generating an endless stream of operational, structured data either on-premise or in the Cloud.


eBA Workflow Management System is a process development platform that increases the profitability of corporations and enhances process oriented business insight by transferring processes to electronic automation rapidly and integrating them with other corporate applications. We need workflow systems for the standardization, optimization, streamlining, and automation of corporate processes. Such systems enable management of documents and forms in electronic media by making them smart.

"eBA is an enterprise content management platform that is specifically made for your digital transformation evolution. eBA is your partner in your journey towards digital transformation. You can simplify your processes, be efficient and improve your bottom-line with its agile workflow engine."

Records Management

eBA Records Management allows the organization to comply with external regulations and internal policies by managing and automating the retention and removal of content.


With eBA Capture you can ‘capture’, digitize and interpret any type of document from any location, be it paper, email, image, fax, or EDI and regardless of whether that content is coming from a desktop, your ERP or other line- of-business application.

With the documents stored in a Central Repository you can digitally automate the business processes into a paperless work environment. Your Documents will be easily and securely accessible remotely from anywhere.

Optical Character Recognition (commonly referred to as OCR). OCR Automatically Classifies Indexes, Routes & Processes Your Documents.

OCR converts the scanned images into Text Files, Searchable PDF Files, or Microsoft Word Files.


eBA Dashboard allows you to have visual reports as a result of your eBA activities. It has rich, useful and colorful visual reporting options for your choice.

BEAM Asset Management

Asset Management & Maintenance System

Manage all of your assets (moving & fixed assets, energy consumption, machinery, plants, buildings, personnel... and more). Automates and combines all of your facilities assets and maintenance operations on one common platform.

Reduces maintenance costs, decrease failures and the inventory of parts, making the management of your facilities and assets more efficient, saving time and money!

It is found out that the reason behind the productivity and quality of the establishment in modern establishments is maintenance management systems. It is not possible to control the quality and productivity of an establishment without controlling the core resources. Creating a Corporate Maintenance culture is only possible with Maintenance/Asset Management System. BEAM is the most commonly used Maintenance/ Asset Management System primarily in the largest companies of Turkey for its functionality, reporting and chart variety, and ease of use.

  • Minimum 15% reduction in maintenance costs
  • Minimum 15% reduction in spare parts inventory costs
  • 40% to 80% reduction in number of failures
  • Reduction in time to respond to failure


Integrated Quality, Risk & Compliance Software

Productivity is at the heart of business success, because it relates to the goods and services an organization brings to market. Since efficient productivity is what leads to sales and surpluses, the concept is directly related to bottom-line profitability. Quality and profitability go hand in hand. QDMS means profitability.

QDMS is an integrated quality management software product

QDMS helps companies comply with quality management systems such as ISO (9001, 14001, 22000, 27000), SQF, BRC, BRC iop, IATF 16949, BRC 9100, 13485 and more.

QDMS helps you automate quality management operations in a digital environment with no need of paper-based documents

It is a management system solution friendly to your business, developed to help you reach targeted quality. QDMS management system eliminates dependency on individuals in your processes.

Key Features

  • User Friendly
  • Role-based security available
  • Modular structure helps you buy any quality module you need
  • Creates corporate memory and data pool
  • Helps you assign tasks and monitor
  • Makes it easy to comply with ISO, SOF, BRC, BRC iop, and more.
  • Quality, Risk & Compliance Management

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