Services We Provide

PSI is a value-added provider of digital conversion services.

  • On and Off-Site Scanning

  • Nationwide Off-Site Scanning

  • Dependable Trained Scanning Technicians

  • On-Site Secure and Certified Shredding

  • Off-Site Document Backup

  • Archiving to Microfilm

  • Digital Conversion to Microfilm

  • Document Management Systems

  • Document Scanners

  • Shredders

  • Backup Drives

  • Indexing

How can we help?

Document storage is an expensive and necessary evil that all companies would like to control. If these issues are affecting business profitability, then Paperless Solutions Inc. has the answers.

Paperless Solution’s scanning of all types of office documents eliminates the diversion of valuable office manpower resources or the need to hire temporary office staff to accomplish this project.

Paperless Solutions Inc. prevents the trials and errors associated with the startup of a project of this magnitude, resulting in a high return on investment.

We’ll provide the labor, hardware & software

Paperless Solutions Inc. provides the labor and installs all of the document scanners and document management software required to create a complete paperless office.

Scanned files will be delivered in any media format desired. There are no monthly charges, internet access or off-site web based services required.

Determine the business requirements

Paperless Solutions Inc. will evaluate the scanning and document management needs of the business.

Based on the amount and type of documents to be scanned, as well as filing requirements, a determination is made as to the hardware, software and the labor for implementation of the scanning project.

Employee Training

Paperless Solutions Inc. will train the office staff to scan your daily transactions and enter them into a document management system in order to maintain a paperless office.

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